Bean to Bar Chocolate Book & Serious Dark Chocolate Bundle


Enjoy Megan Giller's book, "Bean to Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution," in the best possible way --with chocolate! The Serious Dark Chocolate Bundle includes a copy of Megan's book and six dark chocolate bars crafted by makers profiled in the book. The best part? We're offering the bundle at a discount.
"Bean to Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution" is an entertaining and interesting read with lots of mouth-watering visuals and fantastic graphics covering everything about cacao and chocolate. In addition to profiles of American craft chocolate makers it offers tasting tips, it debunks snobby myths, it outlines the ethical issues related to cacao sourcing, it provides instructions on how to temper chocolate, and it provides the best pairing section we've seen, offering tips for pairing chocolate with tea, coffee, beer, spirits, cheese and even bread. And what chocolate book would be complete without recipes? Delicious recipes are sprinkled throughout the book, including two recipes provided by us!
The Serious Dark Chocolate Bundle includes:
Grenada 100% Dark Chocolate (85g)
Soma Crazy 88% Dark Chocolate (65g)
Amano Dos Rios (Dominican Republic) 70% Dark Chocolate (85g)
Askinosie San Jose del Tambo, Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate (85g)
Madre Nine Fine Mynah Estates (Wailua, Oahu, Hawaii) 70% Dark Chocolate (43g)
Patric Madagascar 67% Dark Chocolate (65g)
If you are looking for a bundle with a combination of dark, milk, and inclusion chocolate bars, check out the Assorted Chocolate Bundle, which includes Megan's book and a varied assortment of bars.

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