2020 Chocolate Sweet Sixteen


Download 2020 Bracket with winners

Download 2020 Bracket (empty)

Due to the prevalence of COVID-19, we're adapting our Sweet Sixteen tournament to a virtual format this year. 

How the competition works

We've organized 16 single-origin and blend dark chocolate bars into rounds of 4. Each week we'll ask our participating customers to do a tasting featuring four competitors. We have a Facebook group set up where you can vote each round, find updates, and chat with fellow chocolate lovers. Each week, taste the four chocolates and vote for your two favorite chocolates. The two chocolates with the most votes in each round of four move forward in the competition. Check the bracket to see the voting deadlines. We'll publish the results here on the following Monday each week.

How to participate

There will be no prizes this year, so there's no need to submit your bracket. If you'd like to participate in voting, you can purchase a bundle and we'll send you an invite to the Sweet Sixteen Facebook group. If you received the bar bundle as a gift or if you already have all or most of the bars at home, you can email us at cs@chocolopolis.com, and we'll send you an invite to the group. We just ask that you only participate in voting once you've tried the bars from that round.

The Competitors

Metiisto Tenaru 67% (Solomon Islands)

Soma Bejofo, Madagascar 70%

Charm School Belize 70%

Fresco Guatemala 70% Medium Roast


Escazu Patanemo, Venezuela 80%

François Pralus Equateur 75% (Ecuador)

Solstice India Anamalai 70%

White Label Bolivia 72%


Fruition Hispaniola 68% (Dominican Republic)

Cluizel Mokaya, Mexico 66%

Goodnow Farms Peru Ucayali 70%

Marou Tien Giang, Vietnam 70%


Amano Dos Rios 70% (Dominican Republic)

Mission Chocolate Fazenda Camboa 70% (Brazil)

Chocolat Bonnat Trinité 75% (Trinidad)

Valrhona Manjari 64% (Madagascar)