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Special Events

Review Contest


Win a $30 Gift Card to Chocolopolis

Did you know you can review your favorite (and not-so-favorite) chocolate bars on our website? Each quarter we will award a $30 Chocolopolis gift card for the best review posted on our website. Here are the deets:

Winning reviews must be descriptive and constructive. The key criterion is that the review helps your fellow customer make a purchasing decision. The reviews don't need to be favorable, and they don't need to be long. They should be pithy and to-the-point in a way that is helpful to other customers in deciding whether to purchase the bar.

How to write a review:

  1. Login or register on our website. If you've ever placed an online order with us, you already have an account.
  2. Find the bar you'd like to review
  3. Click on the bar to go to the detail page
  4. Click on the tab marked "Reviews"
  5. Write and submit your review
  6. Our shopping cart requires us to approve all reviews before they are posted, so you won't see you review immediately. Once we have approved your review you'll see it live.
  7. We will announce one winner at the end of every quarter (March, June, September, December)

Earn an IICCT Level 1 Certificate

Earn a Level 1 Certificate in Chocolate Tasting - International Institute of Chocolate & Cacao Tasting

James Beard Award-winning chef, author and chocolate expert, Maricel Presilla, will teach this course in advance of the NW Chocolate Festival. We expect tickets to sell out fast, so make sure to sign up soon. Click here for more information on the IICCT.



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Join our Ecuador Chocolate Expedition

May 15 - 24, 2020

Chief Chocophile Lauren Adler leads a chocolaty tour of Ecuador.

We've joined forces with Global Family Travels for a culturally immersive chocolate experience in Ecuador, a fascinating country with stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures. We will learn about cacao growing and chocolate making from passionate farmers who are committed to preserving Ecuador’s renowned nacional cacao varietal using sustainable agricultural practices while we enjoy some of Ecuador's cultural landmarks. Learn more.


Free Chocolate Happy Hours

Every Saturday, 11:00am-3:30pm and every Wednesday 1:00pm-6:00pm

Join us every Saturday and Wednesday for free chocolate happy hours. We'll pick a theme each week and provide samples around that theme. This is a great opportunity to sample the many bars in our collection and figure out what you like. It's also a really fun afternoon and a great way to meet other chocolate lovers!

Saturday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 9
Theme: Winning Reviews

Congratulations to Marc Mollan (Dandelion Belize), Jennifer Gresham (Charm School Belize) and Kevin Valdes (Fruition Hispaniola) for penning the winning reviews in our contest!

This week's free chocolate happy hour features the bars highlighted in the winning reviews along with a bar that did not receive a favorable review. As the reviewer said,

This is one of those makers that I respect for their creativity in both their inclusions and their packaging design. I've just never been able to appreciate the experience of their bars. I thought, for certain, that the marzipan-filled bar would finally be my jam. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

What do you think of this bar? Join us for happy hour to taste and decide. Maybe it will be your jam. We are going to continue this contest and award one $30 Chocolopolis gift certificate to the best review each quarter.


Pacific Northwest Chocolate Society

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Keep an eye out for events coming soon! 


Guided Chocolate Tastings


Our guided chocolate tastings provide an opportunity to discover the best chocolate the world has to offer. Similar to a wine tasting, a chocolate tasting provides you with the opportunity to taste and compare chocolate made with cacao from different parts of the world while learning about artisan chocolate and cacao farming and production. Sign up for one of our classes, or book a private event.

Chocolate Tasting Appointments

Guided Chocolate Tasting Appointment

The appointment starts with a brief tour of the store to learn about how we curate and organize our bar collection. Next, you’ll work with one of our chocolate educators to personalize your tasting, or allow us to select the bars for you. Five bars are included in the price of the tasting, and we will reserve a private conference room for your appointment. During the tasting, your chocolate educator will guide you through the tasting process, where you will learn to use all five senses to savor and evaluate your bars from a variety of cacao-growing regions.

These appointments last about 45 minutes for groups up to 6 people. They are available for booking during store hours only. Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance for a mutually agreeable time.

The fee of $150 includes 5 chocolate bars, the use of a private room, tasting sheets, and a chocolate educator to guide you through the tasting.

Self-guided Chocolate Tasting Appointment

These appointments are available with the purchase of at least $60 worth of bars. One of our chocolate educators will give you a quick tour of the store to show how we curate and organize our bar collection. We will help you pick out bars to personalize your tasting, or we can select the bars for you. We provide tasting sheets to take notes and a quick instruction on how to taste chocolate using all five senses.

These appointments include about 15 minutes of instruction from one of our educators and as much time as you need to complete your tasting. They are conducted in-store for up to 6 people and are available for booking during store hours only. Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance for a mutually agreeable time.

There is no service charge for these appointments, but the price of the bars purchased must be at least $60. We include tasting sheets and instruction from a chocolate educator to prepare you to do the tasting on your own.

Chocolate Tasting Classes

Class participants taste 5 single-origin chocolate bars made by the finest small batch chocolate makers and compare them with a childhood favorite. Class ends with a sweet inclusion chocolate and a confection. Classes are $20 per person and last 1 hour. Class participants receive a 10% discount on all purchases made the day of class. Give us a call at 206-282-0776 to sign up for a class. 

Upcoming Class Dates:

Wednesday October 16th at 6:30pm

Saturday November 2nd at 12:00pm


Private Events

Book a Chocolate Tasting Experience

Download our Tasting Brochure

A Chocolopolis Chocolate Tasting is an experience to be shared with colleagues, friends and family in a fun, hands-on environment.  Anyone who loves chocolate or appreciates fine wines, coffees, spirits or other craft foods will enjoy a chocolate tasting experience.

Our private chocolate tasting events are a great way to boost team morale or to thank clients. They are also a fantastic way to gather family and friends for milestone occasions such as birthdays and bridal showers, and they are popular as university alumni gatherings.

Chocolate tastings give you and your guests the opportunity to taste and compare chocolate made with cacao from different parts of the world while learning about craft chocolate and cacao farming and production. Appropriate for all ages and occasions, your guests will try a range of chocolate made by small, artisan chocolate makers who specialize in the craft of turning fine, flavor cacao beans into silky, smooth and scrumptious chocolate.

During a one-hour guided tasting you will learn to use all five senses to enjoy and discover the flavor profiles of chocolate from 5 different cacao-growing regions, and to compare them with a childhood favorite. We will explore the rise of the artisan bean-to-bar and craft chocolate movements, and how cacao varietal, fermentation and production techniques influence the quality of chocolate. Our tasting ends with fun, sweet treats.

Class participants receive a 10% discount on purchases made during onsite events, and participants in offsite events receive a coupon for a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Tastings for groups of 10-30 people will be held in one of our community lounges at our store location at the Interbay WorkLofts. You're welcome to book an onsite tasting for fewer than ten people, but the fee will be based on our ten-person minimum.

We offer offsite guided chocolate tasting classes for larger groups and company events. These have proven to be very popular as morale-building events for employees, and as thank-you events for clients. We have done offsite tastings for groups ranging from 10 people to 1,000 people. Offsite events require more preparation, time and travel on our part, so fees for Offsite events begin at $550 and are good for any number of people up to 30 people. Additional fees apply for more than 30 people (please see table, below, for specific pricing). If you would like to host a chocolate tasting for more than 50 people, please contact us to discuss format and pricing. You can reach us at (206) 282-0776 or Please note that there are additional Transportation Fees for venues that are more than 5 miles from our store. If you are located more than 5 miles from our location there will be an additional transportation fee based on distance. If there is no access to free parking at the venue there will be an additional $15 charge to help cover our parking costs.


Event Pricing

Group Size Onsite Prices
Up to 10 people $300
11-30 people $450
  Offsite Prices
Up to 30 people $550
31-50 people $750
50+ people

Contact us for pricing


If you are located more than 5 miles from our location there will be an additional transportation fee based on distance to the event venue. If there is no access to free parking there will be an additional $15 charge to help cover our parking costs.

We welcome wine and spirit pairings with our guided chocolate tastings. Please contact us for information about scheduling a wine/spirit and chocolate pairing. Pairing events must comply with all regulations of the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Event planner must present a valid Banquet License two weeks in advance of the event.

We’re also happy to work with you to create customized tasting events tailored to meet your particular needs. Customers have booked chocolate tastings for employee morale events, dinner parties, professional receptions, bridal showers, bachelor parties, birthday parties, and other celebrations. We can also design a chocolate tasting that complements a particular theme or interest.

For example, tastings could spotlight:

    Chocolate containing cacao from certain countries or regions (e.g. Mexico, Africa, Southeast Asia)
    Chocolate makers from particular countries (e.g. France, Italy)
    Chocolate makers focused on fair trade and sustainability
    Chocolate with particular flavor profiles (e.g. fruity, earthy, floral)
    All dark, milk or white chocolate
    All kosher chocolate

The possibilities are endless!

Please call 206-282-0776 or email to book a tasting or to discuss specifics of the event you would like to hold.