Earn Points, Get Free Chocolate

Introducing our tiered loyalty reward program. Earn one point for every dollar you spend, then redeem your points for products. You can redeem your points as soon as you earn them, or save them up for larger rewards, such as a private onsite tasting experience at Chocolopolis for up to 10 people. And the points you’ve already earned are available to use right now!

Here are all the freebies you can earn at different point levels:

Points needed



A mini chocolate square or coin


Any truffle from our collection


A standard chocolate bar (up to a $10 value)


A premium chocolate bar (up to a $25 value)


A featured item


A chocolate experience

  • Minis – Choose from any of our mini solid chocolates priced up to $1
  • Truffles – Choose any confection from our truffle case
  • Standard bar – Choose any chocolate bar in our collection priced at $10 or under
  • Premium bar – Choose any chocolate bar in our collection priced at $25 or under
  • Featured item – This category will rotate as exciting new products become available. Our current featured item is our Baseline Bundle.
  • Chocolate experience – Book a private onsite tasting experience at Chocolopolis for up to 10 people

Say “Farewell” to the Frequent Bar Card

With this new loyalty program in place, we will be phasing out the Frequent Bar Card. Our new program offers you the chance to earn loyalty points on all product purchases*, not just unique bars. Under the new system, all of your purchases earn points, and you have more flexibility in how you redeem those points.

For example, you can now purchase ten of the same bar and three truffles and get points for all of it, rather than only getting credit for one bar under the old system. Our new loyalty system is also entirely digital, so you can earn points without having to carry a physical card around with you. If you’re a member of our Frequent Bar Club, we will continue to honor any cards that are still in progress.

Checking your point balance

If you’d like to know which rewards are currently available to you, there are a few ways to check your point balance:

  • Check your balance online through our customer portal, found here
  • Ask one of our associates to look up your balance the next time you stop in at our store
  • When you make a purchase, your point balance will be printed at the bottom of your receipt
  • Call the store or email us at cs@chocolopolis.com, and we will tell you your balance


I purchase my chocolate from you on the web. How can I redeem my points?

Check your point balance through our customer portal or call or email us to learn your balance. You may include a note in the comment section of your order detailing which reward you would like. Rewards may only be redeemed online with a purchase.

I have a Frequent Bar Card started. Can I still turn it in for a free bar?

Under the old Frequent Bar Card program, when you bought ten different bars, you could get one free bar up to the value of the most expensive bar on the card. We will continue to honor any cards that are in progress, but they will still be subject to the rules of the original program. You will also earn loyalty points for any purchases that count toward the Frequent Bar Card.

Are there any items on which I can’t earn points?

Shipping charges, purchases of gift cards, and event and class tickets will not accrue points.

What else can I expect from the loyalty program?

This will be our standard loyalty program moving forward, but we will intermittently run promotions where you can earn extra points on featured products or use your points on a special reward for a limited time. Keep an eye on your inboxes and our blog for updates on our latest promotions.

* Program Terms and Conditions: After signing up for the program, customers earn 1 point for every $1 spent on select products. Points can be earned on any products purchased in-store or online. Rewards can be redeemed in-store or online. Shipping charges, purchases of gift cards, private events, and event and class tickets will not accrue points. Rules and rewards are subject to change at any time.