Shipping & Care

We ship to every state in the US, but we need your help to make sure we have the correct information to ensure your chocolate arrives at its destination in excellent condition. If you are shipping chocolate to a destination with temperatures above 70°, you must choose Expedited (2 business days). If you are shipping to a destination with temperatures above 75° you must choose Priority (1 business day). We check the temperatures in the destinations, and we will add insulation and ice packs to your shipment when necessary. We will not ship via Economy (3-5 business days) if the temperatures at the destination are above 70°.
We cannot be responsible for chocolate shipped to a place where temperatures exceed 70º anywhere along the shipping route if you do not choose to use Expedited or Priority. If we need to delay or cancel your order for any reason, we will contact you at the email and phone number you provided during checkout. Please make sure your contact information is correct in case we need to reach you regarding your order.
The shippers we work with charge us fees when you provide an incorrect address, or when an address is missing an apartment or a unit number. If you provide an incomplete or incorrect address there is an additional $13 fee that we will assess to cover the costs that FedEx and UPS charge us for the mistake.


Stolen Packages

We encourage you to ship packages to addresses where someone is available to accept delivery. We are not responsible for packages stolen after the package has been delivered.

Shipping Services

All orders placed by 6:00 pm Pacific Time Monday through Thursday are shipped the next business day. In some cases we may be able to ship your order on the same day you place it, but we can’t make any promises.
  • Economy - We offer Economy shipping during the winter months (October through April) to locations where temperatures are below 70°. Orders placed Friday through Sunday ship on Monday. Most of our shipments use FedEx, but we do also use UPS and USPS. If the shipping address includes a PO box we will ship via US Postal Service.
  • Expedited and Overnight - We also offer Expedited (2 business days) and Overnight (1 business day) shipping throughout the year to the US, where it's available. Please keep in mind that the shipment date of your order is one business day after you place your order. This means that an Expedited shipment ordered on Tuesday will ship on Wednesday and arrive on Friday. An Overnight shipment ordered on Wednesday will ship on Thursday and arrive on Friday.
  • In-Store Pickup - If you order online but would like to pick up your order at our store, you may choose our free in-store pickup option. You'll be paid and ready to go. Just stop by the store and we'll have your bag ready to go. This option is available at checkout when you set your shipping address state to WA.
  • Courier - If you're in the Seattle area, we offer courier service. The price is based on the destination zip code and how quickly you would like the item delivered. Courier service is particularly cost-effective for larger orders that are being shipped to one address. Courier orders must be placed over the phone. Please call us at (206) 282-0776 for pricing and to place your order.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

If you would like to place an order to be shipped to multiple shipping addresses, please call us at (206) 282-0776 so we can manage the billing and shipping process for you. While our website cannot currently handle multiple shipping addresses for each order, we are happy to handle it via phone and email. Let us make it easier for you!

Incorrect Addresses

We do our best to make sure your package arrives at the right address in a timely manner. However, we are only as good as the information you provide when you place your order. If the shipping information you provide is not deliverable by any of the carriers we use, we cannot be held responsible for a package that is mis-delivered or returned to us. If the shipment is returned to us or is not accepted by an unsuspecting recipient, you will need to pay to re-ship the package (see "But I wasn't expecting a package..."). We are not responsible for packages sent to incorrect addresses or packages stolen after delivery.

Seattle Metro Area Delivery

If you are sending a gift to someone in the Seattle area, delivery may be a more economical or faster option. This is particularly true when you plan to send more than one gift to the same location. We offer delivery to most neighborhoods in Seattle, and to most of the Eastside. Pricing is based on the destination zip code. Please give us a call at (206) 282-0776 for delivery availability and pricing. If you have a last-minute order for same-day delivery, please call us. While we can't promise anything, we will try to accommodate your needs.

"I'm melting, melting"

It would be a shame if your package were well-protected throughout the shipping process, only to be left on the hot doorstep of an empty home. We strongly encourage you to use an address where the package can be properly received and stored, such as an office, in a temperature-controlled and safe environment. We cannot be responsible for any damage or theft that occurs as a result of packages left on doorsteps when no one is home.

"But I wasn't expecting a package..."

Surprise gifts are always wonderful and we certainly understand your desire to keep our tasty gifts a secret until delivery. We recommend, however, that you alert the recipient that a package will be arriving so he or she knows to accept delivery of the package. Then your recipient will be sure to say, "Aw, shucks, is that for me?" upon delivery.

Warm Weather Shipping

As the temperatures creep up in late Spring we require Warm Weather Shipping. Packages traveling to locations where the temperatures are above 70° either at the destination or anywhere along the transit route require warm weather shipping. All shipping prices include insulation and ice packs at this time of year, and you will only be able to chooose from shipping options that keep your chocolate from melting. This means that we remove Ground shipping as an option for many parts of the country, requiring you to ship via 2-Day or Overnight. We watch the weather carefully, and as soon as we're able to enable Ground shipping for your area, we add it back as an option. Ground shipping is available all year in Washington State where we are located.