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Zotter "Time Travel" 70% Dark Chocolate Bar


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Both Criollo chocolates, which were conched for different periods of time, are characterised by a mild and elegant chocolate character. You will detect a pleasant fragrance combining notes of black tea, dried fruit and raisins. The chocolate with the 16-hour conching time has a more restrained bouquet. Your palate will detect a fine caramel aroma accompanied by soft notes of tea, lots of whipped cream and a clear but wellbalanced flavor of raisins. The nutty and cacaoté-typical Criollo cocoa with its mild, fruity finish, is presented in a very harmonious manner. Whereas the one with the 20-hour conching time offers a more intense aroma. You will immediately notice a completely different emphasis, namely black tea, although its pairing with caramel and subtle hints of grape makes it feel more restrained. You can detect the chocolate-y tea flavor until the finish, carried by a load of sweet caramel.

Cacao Percentage: 70%
Cacao Origin: Peru
Maker Location: Austria
Ingredients: Organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.
Net Weight: 70g (2.47 oz)
Allergen Information:

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