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Sweet Week Seattle
September 25 - 28
Join us and other participating sweet shops for the first ever Sweet Week Seattle! Each of us will be offering a $5 treat that's new to our menus. Our treat? A drinking chocolate double shot - a flight of  two 4 ounce pours, one each of Hazelnut and Brown Butter. We promise you'll love these treats!
Click here
for a list of participating sweet shops around Seattle.

Meet the Chocolate Maker Events
We're very excited to be hosting two very special chocolate makers for free events at Chocolopolis the first weekend in October. They're part of a group of chocolate makers flocking to town for the Northwest Chocolate Festival.

Thursday, October 2, 6-9pm Alex Whitmore, Taza Chocolate
Stop by on Thursday, October 2 from 6-9pm to meet Alex Whitmore of Taza Chocolate. One of the first craft chocolate makers in the US, Alex has a passion for sourcing great cacao and making great chocolate. Alex founded Taza to recreate the traditional chocolate experiences of Central America, the inspiration for Taza's stone ground style. Not only is Alex the founder of Taza, he created a socially-responsible, for-profit cacao company called Maya Mountain Cacao in Belize. His vision of creating direct connections between cacao farmers and craft chocolate makers has become a successful reality that he and his partners are extending to Guatemala and other cacao-growing countries. Stop by to meet Alex and taste Taza chocolate.

Sunday, October 5, 6-8pm Bryan Graham, Fruition Chocolate
We're staying open until 8pm on Sunday, October 5 so that we can bring you a free event with Bryan Graham, Founder and Chocolate Maker for Fruition Chocolate. A true perfectionist, Bryan creates chocolates with incredibly smooth texture and very complex flavors. He's just launched two new single-origin bars that really knocked our socks off. His ability to create chocolate with incredibly smooth texture and complexity of flavor puts him at the top of our list of artisan chocolate makers. Stop by to try Bryan's many delicious creations, including his two newest origins, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic) 68% and Maranõn 76%.

Free Chocolate Happy Hours
Thursdays 5-9pm

Thursday, September 18
Staff Picks - Marcie
This week's staff picks features favorite chocolates of Marcie, Lauren's Mom, who brings her boundless energy to help out at Chocolopolis whenever she's needed. Marcie has chosen our House Blend Venezuela 80% bar as her starting point, saying, "I want them to start with the 80% before they move on to inclusions." After the 80% she's picked some very delicious inclusions, including  Madécasse Toasted Coconut, Chocolat Moderne Sea Salt Toffee bar, Amedei Blond, and Grenada Nib-a-licious. Join us from 5-9pm tomorrow for samples of these delicious bars.

Thursday, September 25
Staff Picks - Lauren

We started our series of Staff Picks happy hours at the end of our anniversary month in July, and this week marks the finale. Our Chief Chocophile, Lauren, rounds out the event by choosing some of her favorite bars. It's a tough choice because she loves so many of the chocolates in the store, and her favorites often depend upon her mood or what she's recently tasted.  Our ability to share these bars at a happy hour also depends upon their availability. There is at least one notable maker missing from her list because of the scarcity of his chocolate. Join us Thursday to taste Patric Madagascar 67%, Lonohana 'ele 'ele Hawaii 71%, Bar au Chocolate Dominican Republic 70%, Cacao Sampaka La Joya (Tabasco, Mexico) 70% and Fruition Hispaniola Dominican Republic 68%.

Northwest Chocolate Festival
October 3 - 5, 2014
Don't miss one of the premier international chocolate festivals, held every year in Seattle. The Northwest Chocolate Festival is a confab of chocolate makers, chocolate enthusiasts and chocophiles from around the world. There are serious sessions covering topics such as fairly-traded cacao and chocolate-making techniques, a culinary stage with chocolatier demonstrations, a floor with booths of artisan chocolatiers and chocolate makers and an aphrodisiac room. There's something for every kind of chocolate lover.

We'll be hosting an event in advance of the festival. Alex Whitmore, Founder of Taza Chocolate, will be hosting our weekly chocolate happy hour the Thursday before the beginning of the festival. Stop by Chocolopolis from 5-9pm that night and meet a truly inspirational leader of the craft chocolate movement. Those of you who have read Lauren's blog posts from Belize will understand the impact Alex has had on Mayan cacao farmers and the craft chocolate industry.

Attend a Chocolate Tasting Class
Similar to a wine tasting, a chocolate tasting provides you with the opportunity to taste and compare chocolate made with cacao from different parts of the world while learning about artisan chocolate and cacao farming and production. Class participants taste 5 single-origin chocolate bars made by the finest small batch chocolate makers and compare them with a childhood favorite. After the tasting choose a cup of drinking chocolate from our menu and a Chocolopolis truffle. Our chocolate tasting classes provide an opportunity to discover the best chocolate the world has to offer!

Classes are $30 per person and last about 45 minutes. Class participants receive a 10% discount on all purchases during the class. Give us a call at 206-282-0776 to sign up for a class.

Class Dates:

September 23, Tuesday 7pm

Please call us at (206) 282-0776 to sign up for a class. Classes hold 8-12 people. We need a minimum of 4 people to hold a class.

Frequent Bar Club
Our frequent bar club is for those of you who like to try a lot of chocolate! Here's how it works. For every different bar of chocolate you purchase, we'll mark your frequent bar card with the name of the bar. Once you've purchased 10 different bars, you receive a bar of equal or lesser value, free (the value is based on the most expensive bar listed on your card). Each bar must be a different one, so purchasing 10 of one bar counts as 1, but purchasing 2 different bars counts for 2 stamps. We hope this encourages you to try many different bars of chocolate and expand your palate.

Signing up for our club means that you agree to be on our newsletter mailing list and that we sign you up as a frequent customer. FBC members are invited to exclusive events a few times a year.. This is a great opportunity to explore the world of chocolate and meet fellow chocophiles.