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Free Chocolate Happy Hours

Every Thursday, 5-9pm
Join us every Thursday from 5-9pm for free chocolate happy hours. We'll pick a theme each week and provide samples around that theme. This is a great opportunity to sample the many bars in our collection and figure out what you like. It's also a really fun evening!

Thursday, May 19
Africa origin cacao
Africa is responsible for growing 70% of the world's cacao. Unfortunately, the majority of this cacao is bulk market/commodity cacao sold for its cheap price and not its prized flavor. Despite these challenges, we are able to offer a handful of bars made with cacao from Africa. Stop by for tastes of these earthy and "chocolaty" bars, many of them excellent staples for those wanting chocolate that isn't "fruity".

Thursday, May 26
François Pralus
François Pralus learned to make chocolate from the bean while apprenticing with famed chocolate maker Bernachon in Lyon, France. Pralus comes from a patisserie family of note, his father August Pralus having invented the Praluline (si tu parle Français, vois Wikipedia pour l'origine), a must-have when visiting Paris. Pralus decided to create a chocolate company and take a page from Bernachon's book by making his chocolate from the bean. Pralus prefers to treat all of his cacao origins the same, employing the same processing no matter the characteristics of the bean. This makes for some interesting flavor profiles. Tonight you can taste for yourself.

Thursday, June 2

We're getting ready for this year's Sweet Sixteen competition by tasting bars from last year's winner. Askinosie's San Jose del Tambo Ecuador 70% bar was the winner of this eight-week blind tasting contest. We'll have samples of a number of Askinosie bars, including the champion.

Thursday, June 9
Chocolate Sweet Sixteen Kickoff

Help us kickoff this year's Chocolate Sweet Sixteen! Every week at happy hour we'll have blind tastings of 4 bars from a field of 16 bars competing in the contest. Every customer who comes to happy hour gets one ballot to cast a vote for two of their favorite bars. Two winning bars each week move forward on the bracket until we crown a winner (after the Final Four, of course)!

Attend a Chocolate Tasting Class
Similar to a wine tasting, a chocolate tasting provides you with the opportunity to taste and compare chocolate made with cacao from different parts of the world while learning about artisan chocolate and cacao farming and production. Class participants taste 5 single-origin chocolate bars made by the finest small batch chocolate makers and compare them with a childhood favorite. After the tasting choose a cup of drinking chocolate from our menu and a Chocolopolis truffle. Our chocolate tasting classes provide an opportunity to discover the best chocolate the world has to offer!

Classes are $30 per person and last about 45 minutes. Class participants receive a 10% discount on all purchases during the class. Give us a call at 206-282-0776 to sign up for a class.

Class Dates:
Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 10:00am

Frequent Bar Club
Our frequent bar club is for those of you who like to try a lot of chocolate! Here's how it works. For every different bar of chocolate you purchase, we'll mark your frequent bar card with the name of the bar. Once you've purchased 10 different bars, you receive a bar of equal or lesser value, free (the value is based on the most expensive bar listed on your card). Each bar must be a different one, so purchasing 10 of one bar counts as 1, but purchasing 2 different bars counts for 2 stamps. We hope this encourages you to try many different bars of chocolate and expand your palate.

Signing up for our club means that you agree to be on our newsletter mailing list and that we sign you up as a frequent customer. FBC members are invited to exclusive events a few times a year.. This is a great opportunity to explore the world of chocolate and meet fellow chocophiles.